Gires-Tournois Interferometer (GTI) mirrors


Do you want top performance optimization for your Ti: Sapphire, Yb: KGW, Yb: KYW, or other femtosecond laser? OPTOMAN has a solution for you – the GTI mirror.

The GTI mirror is a dielectric dispersive mirror with a spatial variation of the layer thickness values. Such mirrors are used for dispersion compensation in mode-locked lasers, for example.

OPTOMAN will design GTI mirrors featuring broadband behaviour with GDD down to -5000 fs2 per bounce for your femtosecond laser system.


Absolute reflectance Rs>99.99% and Rp>99.99%

Absolute reflectance of GTI mirrors goes above 99.99% for the most demanding applications.

Highly Negative Group Delay Dispersion (GDD)

GTI Mirrors can be designed for any specific GDD requirement from slightly negative (-20 fs2) down to -5000 fs2.

Wide spectral bandwidth

In compromise to required reflectance and GDD values, broadband GTI Mirrors are feasible, as for example HR>99.8% at 760 - 840 nm with GDD=-200 fs2.

High Laser Damage Threshold

GTI mirrors are optimized for high resistance to laser irradiance with LIDT of >300 mJ/cm2 at 50 fs, 1030 nm, 150 kHz.

Custom design Custom
  • Negative Group Delay Dispersion (GDD) down to –5000 fss
  • Mirrors with predefined and flat GDD.
  • Spectral range from 250 nm up to 5000 nm.
  • Diameter from 5 mm up to 120 mm.
  • Coatings on substrates with positive or negative curvature.

Looking for robust mirror mounting solutions?

OPTOMAN recommends highly precise and robust mounting and packaging solutions from PHOTONICPARTS.

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