Partial Reflection Mirrors


Laser beam splitting or combining at certain ratio might be a tricky part of laser research. OPTOMAN will help you choose the right set of features of beam splitter or combiner matching your application the best. We can optimize coatings for laser line or broadband performance, s-pol or p-pol component, ultrashort pulses or CW applications, highest LIDT or the splitting tolerance. Note that we are definitely not limited to 45° angle of incidence or 50:50 splitting ratio. A wide range of ratios can be achieved via different designs of the dielectric coating.


Broadband, single or multi wavelength performance

Our beamsplitters can be designed for a specific single wavelength or wavelengths and also can be designed to split or combine laser beams operating in the visible through infrared wavelengths.

20:80, 30:70, 40:60, 33:67, 1:99 or any other specific splitting ratio

A wide range of high accuracy spplitting ratios can be achieved via different designs of the dielectric coatings. 

Low GDD behaviour for ultrafast applications

Ultrafast beamsplitters feature negligible GDD both in reflection and transmission.

Slight wedge eliminates internal fringes

Slight wedge causes unwanted reflections from the second surface to be deflected from the optical path.

Optimization for specific state of light polarization

For an optimal result design optimization for a specific state of light polarization is critical. Partial reflectors can be optimized for s or p state of polarizations or circular polarization. 

Custom design Custom
  • Broadband, single or multi-wavelength performance.
  • Optimization for specific state of light polarization.
  • Custom reflectance and transmittance split ratios.
  • Diameter from 5 mm up to 101.6 mm.
  • Spectral range from 200 nm up to 6000 nm.

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