IBS Coated Optics for Ho:YAG, Tm:YAG, Er:YAG Lasers


Holmium, Thulium, and Erbium-doped YAG lasers find a perfect spot in several medical applications. Listed laser lines nicely match water absorption peaks, which makes them super helpful tools to perform surgical, dental, and skin treatment procedures, where deep penetration of tissues is not desired. 


Keep your precious medical laser systems free of water and laser damage. 

Laser Lines

Water absorption

But there is always a but…What makes these lasers perfect for medical applications, gives a lot of headaches for laser optics manufacturers. Water absorption causes serious problems with laser induced damage.

Surface density

How come thin-film dielectric coatings get damaged due to absorption by water? It is because typical dielectric coatings are porous and H2O molecules are likely to find their place in those pores over time. Sputtered coatings (such as IBS) feature near bulk structure due to the high atomic density of layers. So situation with IBS coatings gets simple. A dense, poreless surface means the absence of water absorption, so your laser system is free of water, thus ugly laser induced damages too.

OPTOMAN has been addressing efficiency, performance stability, and laser induced damage threshold issues related to optics used in medical laser systems. As a result, we introduce a few typical design examples of coatings manufactured for Ho:YAG, Tm:YAG and Er:YAG laser lines. 

Do not forget - OPTOMAN manufactures highly customized, and application optimized optics. Our mission is to draft & craft perfect components for your laser systems.

Coatings for Ho:YAG, Tm:YAG and Er:YAG lasers

Cavity Mirrors optimized for highest LIDT and lifetime for 2100 nm lasers. 

2900 nm – 3000 nm range is more complicated and is still under intense development @ OPTOMAN.

Our ultimate goal: robust and high LIDT cavity and bending mirrors, thin film polarizers, dichroic filters and etc.


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