SuperHero Power Thin Film Polarizers


When it comes to a need for polarizing high pulse energy laser light, thin film polarizer is the only valid choice.

Fortunately, OPTOMAN has applied his superpowers to develop SuperHero Power Thin Film Polarizers for high energy Q-switched lasers.


These polarizers feature at least 2x higher LIDT values than the market standard for high power thin film polarizers





Measured LIDT values of SuperHero Power Thin Film Polarizers

Measurement Conditions
Market standard LIDT values for high power Polarizers
Linear S polarization
Linear P polarization

1064nm, 10ns, 100Hz, AOI 56o; beam 225µm; 103-on-1

5 - 10 J/cm2

18.7 J/cm2

15.23 J/cm2

Various angles of incidence 45°, 56°, 72°...

Single wavelength, dual-wavelength and broadband polarizers

High Laser damage threshold

SuperHero Power Thin Film Polarizers feature >18.7 J/cm2 and >15.23 J/cm2 at 1064 nm, 10 ns, 100 Hz for s-polarized and p-polarized beams. That's at least 2x more than what's on the market.

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