Thin Film Polarizers


Many different types of polarizers are available in the market, but only one is perfectly suitable for high power laser applications - Thin Film Polarizers. It is a component coated with dielectric multilayers with the main task being to separate vertically polarized (s-pol.) from horizontally polarized (p-pol.) light. Thin Film Polarizers complete this task with a high efficiency level due to negligible absorption within the coating, transmittance (Tp) higher than 99%, and reflectance (Rs) as high as 99.99%.

OPTOMAN will provide an optimal solution in terms of extinction ratio, angle of incidence, and damage threshold. Ion-Beam Sputtering (IBS) technology enables us to manufacture polarizers with an extinction ratio higher than 10000:1 at a 45° angle of incidence while maintaining a >18.7 J/cm2 damage threshold (1064 nm, 10 ns, 100 Hz).


Extinction ratio higher than 10000:1.

The most typical value of extinction ratio we find in the market is 200:1. OPTOMAN aims for much higher values and reaches contrast of ~10000:1.

Angle of incidence 45°, 56°, 72°…

For effective and efficient adjustment, OPTOMAN polarizers are designed at 45°. In this set-up, laser beams are separated at 90°. We offer Brewster type polarizers for ultrafast applications for the highest possible extinction rate at a 72° angle.

Single wavelength, dual-wavelength and broadband polarizers

OPTOMAN polarizers cover most popular laser lines from 343 nm up to 4000 nm. Broadband configurations for femtosecond applications are also feasible.

Reflectance Rs>99.99% and transmittance Tp>99% available

What matters the most in your application? Is it Tp transmittance or Rs reflectance? Or is it extinction ratio? OPTOMAN will optimize product exactly to your needs.

The secret to such extinction ratios

Precise thin film polarizers have been extinct, but OPTOMAN has found the recipe allowing to bring them back! OPTOMAN can manufacture polarizers with super high extinction ratios because of low scatter and absorption losses. This is the subject of pride for OPTOMAN.

Custom design Custom
  • Single wavelength and broadband polarizers with 343 nm up to 5000 nm range.
  • Broadband configurations for femtosecond applications are also feasible.
  • Custom shapes, size and material of substrate.
  • Optimization for ultrafast applications.

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