Low GDD Ultrafast Broadband Mirrors


Are these standard mirrors suitable for my Yb: KGW or Ti: Sapphire laser? Will these mirrors maintain the temporal characteristics of the laser beam? Will they handle high peak intensity?

Low GDD Ultrafast Mirrors are designed to handle high peak powers, provide a reflectance greater than 99.8% and keep the GDD slightly negative. This makes these mirrors ideal for femtosecond laser systems, like the Ti: Sapphire, where pulse broadening is a concern.


Absolute reflectance Rs>99.8% and Rp>99.8%

Despite broadband design, low GDD ulftrafast mirrors maintain a high reflectivity greater than 99.9%.

Compensated for Group Delay Dispersion (GDD)

Coatings are designed in a way that the GDD is slightly negative. This prevents pulse broadening and helps to maintain high peak power.

Wide spectral bandwidth

OPTOMAN designs mirrors to steer beams with over 99.8% reflection across the wide wavelength ranges, such as from 650 nm to 1200 nm.

Wide cone of AOI

Should you need mirrors operating at a wide range of angles, OPTOMAN is ready to design broadband mirrors with a wide cone of AOI.

Custom design Custom
  • Mirrors with predefined negative or positive GDD.
  • Diameter from 3 mm up to 150 mm.
  • Spectral range from 200 nm up to 5000 nm.
  • Available in multiwavelength or broadband configuration.
  • Coatings on substrates with positive or negative curvature.

Optics for Ti:Sapphire Lasers

Ti: Sapphire lasers, featuring relatively broad emission wavelengths, typically between 700 nm and 900 nm, sometimes even 650 – 1100 nm, are the tough challenge for optical coatings manufacturers. Especially when you combine such a broad spectrum together with high power few tens of femtoseconds pulses.


However, optical components shouldn’t cause a headache for laser manufacturers. So if you’re still looking for durablelong-lastinghigh LIDT optics for your Ti:Sapphire laser, congratulations – you’re at the right place!

Design Example

Coating (IBS):
HRs>99.9% @ 700-920 nm + HRp>99.9% 730-870 nm, AOI = 45°


Press the right arrow to find the reflection GDD graph.

Coating (IBS):
HRs>99.9% @ 700-920 nm + HRp>99.9% 730-870 nm, AOI = 45°

What about LIDT?

If you're into Ti:Sapphire business and are aware of the offerings in the market, you'll probably be pretty impressed with what OPTOMAN has achieved in terms of LIDT.


Looking for robust mirror mounting solutions?

OPTOMAN recommends highly precise and robust mounting and packaging solutions from PHOTONICPARTS.

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